A New York Times editorial today titled, “Measuring the Blogosphere,” provides recent estimates by Technorati, a Web site that indexes blogs, on the number of existing blogs. The statistics quoted in the editorial are enlightening, but even more so are the following two points:

But blogs are often just a way of making oneself appear on the Internet…

Every day the blogosphere captures a little more of the strange immediacy of the life that is passing before us.

I created this blog primarily to try this new communication channel. As the NY Times editorial points out, however, I also was motivated by the opportunity to become more visible on the Internet, and to journal some of the daily experiences that the Times refers to as “the strange immediacy of the life that is passing before us.”

An IABC colleague asked me earlier today how I find time to write these posts. The recent infrequency of new posts here probably indicates that I haven’t found much time. But I am also contributing to the IABC Cafe blog, and am actually trying to earn my pay in my day job.

I also try to write something that brings value to you as a reader. If I fail to do that, I fail to make this blog more than a modified “vanity page.” That would be blah, blah, blah!