Spirited CommunicationsWebster’s online dictionary defines “spirited” as “full of energy, animation, or courage.” That’s an accurate description of what I hope this new blog delivers and engenders.

We have too many other sites to visit if we simply want to have our eyes and ears tickled. I can spend hours on Facebook, reading and responding to the random thoughts and experiences of friends, relatives and people who, at some earlier time, I mistakenly relented from unfriending.

YouTube and video sites like it have become mini-entertainment channels. For every serious and thought-provoking video, we can see dozens of time-wasters.

I hope to help shape this blog into something more. Something worth investing your time into as a reader, commenter and/or contributor. The primary focus will be on topics related to communications professionals—after all, I’ve been in that profession for more than 30 years.

Anyone who recalls my earlier blog, “Commakazi Speek,” can be sure that its spirit survives here. Over time, I will bring some of those posts here, if they serve this site’s purpose.

After all, what spirited communications doesn’t benefit from the occasional “harsh realities, bitter truths, and other reasons to smile”?