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Where is the time going? Less than two weeks from the start of the IABC International Conference, and I feel VERY unprepared. Sure, I have the basics covered (my flights, hotel and All-Inclusive Registration), but I have a lot of work left to do.

I volunteered to blog about the conference sessions and events that I attend. So I need to decide which sessions and events to cover. The choices are wonderful, but I’ve already found two cases where sessions that I want to attend are scheduled at the same time.

1. Tuesday Business Breakfasts: I have to choose between “Cutting-edge practices in communication planning and management” (where the “best and the brightest [will] share cutting-edge trends and practices”) and “The future of organizational communication,” where I will catch a glimpse of the future. Tough choice!

2. Wednesday morning sessions: This is truly unfair: how can I pick only one of the following concurrent sessions?
AS.2: Influencing employee attitudes (Strategy & Counsel) Presenter / James Lukaszewski, ABC, APR / New York, USA
AS.3: Strategic communication planning (Business Management) Presenter / David Moorcroft / Ontario, Canada
AS.4: The new role of print publications: Using print to engage, teach and motivate employees (Employee Communication) Presenter / Steve Crescenzo / Illinois, USA
AS.5: The site is right: The best of the web and intranets, 2005 (Future Trends) Presenters / Shel Holtz, ABC / California, USA Toby Ward / Ontario, Canada
AS.6: Driving business performance through employee engagement (Strategy & Counsel) Presenter / Susan M. Suver / New York, USA
AS.7: Using research to manage change at Arizona State University (Public Relations) Presenter / Wilma Mathews, ABC / Arizona, USA

Clone me…quickly!

Tomorrow, I’m going to discuss the real reason for my anxiety about conference preparation: the IABC accreditation exam.

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  1. Warren Bickford

    Looking forward to you spilling the beans about the real reason for your anxiety – just kidding. Welcome to the blogosphere. I am looking forward to your contributions during conference.

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