I enjoy the fantasy world, but so far haven’t plunged into Second Life. Instead, my fantasy life revolves around two American football teams in separate fantasy football leagues. I manage my teams through websites offered by CBS Sportsline–a company that has just posted an example of how to address service issues.

The service problems were annoying, although not earth-shaking. At times when I couldn’t access the site, I simply waited until the site was available to me. No data was lost, and the outcome of my games was not impacted.

But I appreciate how seriously CBS Sportsline is taking this. In its online message, it goes into great detail about what has happened over the first eight weeks of the seasons, and promises to do better for the last half of the season. I wish that they had provided this information sooner, but at least they are coming clean.

Now I can only hope that the performance of my teams matches the effort of CBS Sportsline.