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Tuning up the old blog

[This originally appeared on my CommaKazi Speek blog]

After an absence of about one year, I’m firing up this blog. I’m hoping that the timing is still within spec.

When I began to post regularly on the IABC Cafe, the official blog of the International Association of Business Communicators, time became so short that something had to give. I decided to keep my wife and kids, and to stop writing this blog instead. I have never regretted that decision–until recently.

A couple of wonderful communicators recently referenced me in blog posts, and used this as the link to me. Nothing says “professional” more than having someone follow a link to a dust-covered blog, huh? In utter embarrassment, I decided to go with the flow, and add new content to CommaKazi Speek.

My intent, long-term, is to move to a more polished blog software, such as WordPress. But I have to load that software onto a server and get it up-and-running. Haven’t had time for that up to now.

At work, I’m moving forward with preparation for a presentation to my management regarding the benefits of social media (blogs, podcasts, wikis, RSS feeds, instant messaging). I thought that I was going to be able to present at a June manager meeting, but just learned today that the June meeting has been cancelled. So I am now looking at a July date.

I can’t tell you how relieved I will be if management supports my ideas for introducing social media to our employees. It will improve communication and collaboration, and will take a great amount of tactical burden off of my shoulders.

Professionally, it will allow me to roll up my shirt sleeves and make some tangible improvements. Sometimes, I feel like those people in Hollywood who are “famous for being famous.” You know, the people who always have their pictures taken with celebrities, attend the right social events, and know the right names to drop. They remain on everyone’s minds, even if they haven’t actually done anything of note.

I don’t want simply to continue to talk about the benefits of social media–even if doing so raises my visibility among communication professionals. I want to be able to share real experiences and advice based on hard work and solid planning.

Many of you may be in a similar situation. Please share your successes, challenges and thoughts, so that we all benefit from the exchange.


  1. Tom Keefe

    Thanks, Joseph, I look forward to having many conversations with you and others.

    Judy, the sad truth is that Salt and Pepper (my son’s pet gerbils) passed into eternity a few months ago. In fact, we’ve since purchased two pet hermit crabs–one of which just joined Salt and Pepper in the land of the unliving.

  2. Judy Gombita

    Welcome back, CommaKazi Geek (I mean, Speek). So tell us, did Salt and Pepper survive through this long hiatus?


  3. Joseph Thornley

    It’s good to see the lights go on again in CommaKazi Speek. I’m looking forward to being part of the conversation.

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