If this blog appeared in a pop-up window, would you:

-Read it

-Delete it

-Never see it because your security software blocks all pop-up messages?

Earlier today, I participated in a webinar hosted by Astaro titled, “Astaro Security Gateway.” That’s “Gateway” as in, “Gatekeeper,” as in “You Shall Not Pass!

The webinar demonstrated how Astaro’s product protects networks from computer viruses, Trojans, phishing scams and SO MUCH MORE. In fact, it even can search out and remove individual words from messages, so employees aren’t offended by vulgar terms like those found on so many blogs today. (Prevent us from using the word, “excrement,” and half of the blogs I read would look like electronic Swiss cheese.)

What do you think about pop-ups? Ever seen one used effectively to communicate a message?

I asked the Astaro presenter whether he would advise website developers to forget about pop-up windows because security solutions like Astaro’s blocks them. His answer? “Unfortunately – website developer would never listen.”