When you read my blogs from the IABC International Conference later this month, you should get a flavor of the event atmosphere, presenters, conference content and attendee reactions as seen through my filter. I’m not going to be controversial or outrageous just to attract readers–but my balanced view of things will uncover things that will make you smile, and things that will make you cringe. Guaranteed.

That’s because the IABC Conference is planned and run by human beings, and human beings make mistakes. Errors in planning or arrangements, when presentations go awry, or errors in judgment, when otherwise good people goof up. Couldn’t happen in a conference run by professional communicators? Uh, sure can. I’ve been there a lot–and benefited from it. I’ve learned the most about myself when I’ve had to see and correct my mistakes. As a professional communicator, I’ve learned great lessons when my messages were misunderstood or soundly thumped by others. Didn’t always mean that my message was wrong, or that their opinion was right. It meant that my communication wasn’t effective–for them.

I’m excited about spending four days with a hotel full of people who live and breathe communication. Who continually try to improve their process for determining and crafting effective communication strategies and messages. Opinions, advice and insightful revelations will be bouncing off the walls. I plan to grab as many as my brain and laptop can gather, sift the useful grains from the chaff, then put them on the blog for your review, reflection and comment.