I’m not saying that I won’t try to be outside when the eclipse is nearing totality. It will be fun to experience. I’m saying that the movement of the Earth, moon and sun that will result in this alignment was put into motion by a God who deserves the glory and honor.

I would love to know that every thrill-seeking person who will don protective eyewear and gaze into the eclipse would reflect on the majesty of the Creator. But many don’t think–or believe–that God exists or cares about them.

If that is you, I respect your feelings and beliefs. I have to say that I can’t comprehend how someone can look at this world, this universe, and see the logic in the theory that it began out of nothing, evolved into its current state by random chance, and operates unguided with a precision and logic that allows us to accurately predict events like the eclipse. How could all of that be true without a Creator putting them into place?

Today, like every day, I will worship the Creator, not the creation.