FreeComicBookDay_Dad-Daughter_IMG_2631I’ll admit that I was a comic book junkie when I was growing up. At one time, I had a collection of more than 300 comic books that I tried to preserve by keeping them flat in a large trunk in my parents’ basement.

It was a sad day when I came home one time from college to learn that my mom wanted to store some blankets in that trunk, and finding my comic book collection, gave some to my brothers, curled some in a brown paper grocery bag, and threw some away.

I still have those few gems, and at least once a year, I take time to remember those fun hours in quiet comic book la-la land when I visit my local comic book store on “Free Comic Book Day.”

FreeComicDay_JaySigns_IMG_2640That’s right: Free Comic Book Day actually exists, as the photos on this page confirm. It always occurs on the first Saturday in May, so yesterday I visited Jay’s Comics in Grayslake, IL. It isn’t anything close to a carnival atmosphere, but employees do dress in superhero costumes and the place is decorated with balloons and event signage.

Still, the comic books take center stage, and this is a terrific opportunity to introduce kids to the comic book world—if they haven’t already been hooked! This event doesn’t seem to get the promotion around my area that I would expect. Don’t marketing and public relations professionals remember the lure and pleasure of comic books?

FreeComicBookDay_ManOutsideJays_IMG_2635A “Captain Action” issue on the free comic book rack caught my eye—as did the current issues of “The Walking Dead.” I still have the first two issues of the original Captain Action comic from the 1960s. It was a favorite character of mine at the time. As for the Walking Dead…no explanation needed, right?

Do you have a favorite memory of any comic book that you want to share here?