When young Tom Cruise uttered the phrase, “Porsche…there is no substitute,” in the 1983 movie classic, Risky Business, millions of viewers, including me, understood the message.

The real deal is worth the price you pay—particularly when you compare the original to a cheap knock-off.

Such is the case with The Walking Dead. This instant classic television drama draws its success from a special combination of excellent scriptwriting, top-notch production and makeup values, and actors who act as an ensemble, while delivering standout performances when called upon.

(c) AMC-TV and The Walking Dead.

(c) AMC-TV and The Walking Dead.

The runaway success of The Walking Dead naturally inspired greedy producers and writers to try to cash in by creating other zombie-related shows, including “Z Nation” and “iZombie.”

But those imitations miss the qualities that make the original so appealing. They lack the depth and quality of writing and production that sets the original apart.

walking deceased imageI’ve been going through a bit of Walking Dead withdrawal since the latest season ended, which led me to wasting nearly two hours of my life this past weekend watching “The Walking Deceased.” It was marketed as a spoof of The Walking Dead, but don’t waste your time or money on it.

I just kept thinking to myself, as the movie dragged on, that there IS no substitute for the real thing!